A butler service beyond your expectations

When we travel out of our hometowns, we want to experience local life and must see areas. Residence-type hotels have become a new style and a great option for tourists. Like its low-key and exquisite appearance, the Gloria Residence glistens with silver-white light under layers of clouds. Hotel butlers in the Gloria Residence are always at customer’s service. Their devoted and thoughtful services are often beyond customers’ expectations and imaginations. 



Although living abroad year round with properties in Taipei, Mr. and Mrs. Ho are used to the services and convenience provided by the Gloria Residence. Therefore, every time they come back to Taipei to visit their moms, they would choose here as their second home in Taipei to stay for at least two weeks. Once, Mr. and Mrs. Ho went out for urgent matters. They left word with the staff at the front desk, asking for help to leave the washing machine door open for ventilation and drying of the clothes after the wash cycle was over. After they came back to Gloria Residence, they surprisingly found that clothes of all materials were gently hung on hangers and laid flat it dry in the sun. Even the dry clothes were flatly folded and placed in the room. Having the initiative to serve with customer-centric service spirit is quite impressive, and recreates the feeling of home with meticulous effort.