In November of 2016, Gloria Residence threw a “Long Stay Party” in The Lounge on floor B1 for the first time, inviting long staying guests to get together and enjoy this remarkable exotic party. To throw this party, Irene, the Housekeeping Manager of Gloria Residence, kindly invited Master Tseng from the Engineering Department of Gloria Hotel Group to teach guests to use a strap band to make their own Chinese knot accessories. Most participants were foreign guests who were really excited to experience traditional Taiwanese culture. Master Tseng’s enthusiasm successfully elicited active participation. Many guests even hoped to learn to make other shapes of knots from Master Tseng after the party. Manager Irene was considerate enough to buy materials to allow guests to turn their works into magnets and put them on the refrigerators in the room. Every time they saw the magnets, they would remember participating in this meaningful event.    



The party coincided with Thanksgiving holiday, giving foreign participants, who used to celebrate the holiday at home, wonderful and unforgettable memories of celebrating the holiday in Taiwan. Through the event, guests were more familiar with one another and made valuable friends and family with on-site service staff with sincerity. Irene Manager showed a warm smile when recalling the event. She said that “Long Stay Party” would become a Gloria Residence tradition, making every guest feel warm, comfortable, and at home.