When seeing Gloria Residence for the first time, it is very difficult not to be awe struck by its simple, vivid and fresh exterior. Illuminated by sun light, a cloud pattern formed by a mosaic collage of more than 200 pieces, rays glistening as though in a dream, shines an extraordinary light on the restless Linsen North Road. This is the masterpiece of Aoki Jun, the architect engaged by Louis Vuitton, who has earned worldwide fame for designing flagship LV stores in New York and Asia. At Gloria Residence he took “Heaven” as the starting point for his design, creating a breathtaking piece of work.

Push open the door and walk into Gloria Residence and a gentle and warm scent presents itself in an instant. Renowned interior designer, Ray Chen, used a gentle, tranquil color scheme, enabling each guest to begin to experience the calm, comfortable atmosphere as soon as they step into Gloria Residence. In order to give full rein to the concepts of “home” and “fashionable,” Chen mulled deeply over the needs of guests. He decorated the calm, modest space with oak-timbered new oriental furniture and fully measured each inch of space so that each corner of every room could be fully utilized. The lounges, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms were all designed with the utmost care. Every corner is hospitable space. Fashionable, gentle and congenial to enable guests to embark upon a comfortable life in Taiwan; this is the design philosophy behind Gloria Residence.