Betty is the director of Gloria Residence and also its general manager. When you meet so many first-time visitors to Taiwan, you must be able to care for them in every possible way in order to be able to resolve all life’s little difficulties promptly. For this reason, Betty always expects herself and Gloria Residence staff to keep guests’ needs carefully in mind, in order to achieve the highest service standards.

Shortly after Gloria Residence opened, a small American family of four checked in to stay for one month. The mother was confined to a wheelchair. Because it was their first visit to Taiwan and because of the mother’s disability, as soon as this family checked in, all the staff of Gloria Residence became particularly solicitous, always observing whether they had encountered any problems and providing all necessary assistance whenever appropriate. Betty says, “ At that time, we were almost always gazing at the CCTV cameras!” Whenever the mother came out of her room a member of staff would immediately take an elevator upstairs to support her and assist her in coming downstairs. Whenever she went out to buy food or handle some other matter, as soon as she returned to the hotel's front door, she would always be greeted by a member of staff who would accompany her upstairs.

Why is it that Gloria Residence can provide such tender-hearted care? Betty explains that it is Gloria Residence personnel’s heartfelt intuition that it must be so difficult for a disabled person to come to live in a strange country. But, considering the guest from the perspective of empathy and putting oneself in her shoes, these no longer unremarkable small details all constitute the mega mission that Gloria Residence housekeepers must make every effort to perform. This is Gloria Residence: with the most considerate heart it enables guests to begin the Taiwan chapter of their life at ease.