Gloria Residence receptionist Lin Jian-ci (Pary) has worked for the Gloria Hotel Group for more than ten years. Pary initially served at the Gloria Prince Hotel, as a bellman. He was full of enthusiasm for his work serving in a hotel and was always in high spirits at work, where he always wore a broad smile. As guests came and went they always retained a deep impression of him. This was because of the combination of Pary ’s attentiveness, cordiality and meticulousness, which made guests feel right at home as he served their needs.

With ten years’ experience in hotel service, when Gloria Residence first opened, Pary was transferred here and promoted to receptionist. Gloria Residence Taipei combines hotel-style service apartments with a boutique hotel, somewhat unlike the Gloria Prince Hotel in style, says Pary , adding that this represents a substantial challenge for him. Because Gloria Residence has many lng-staying guests. Long-term accommodation inevitably presents more problems in life, which require assistance. But Perry remains fastidious and empathetic at heart and can enable guests to enjoy a yet more cozy, comfortable stay.

There was an elderly gentleman surnamed Zhong (not his real name) who was almost 90 years old. Because he moved somewhat slowly and his memory was not good, such that he often forgot what he had eaten and what he had not eaten, Pary memorized his breakfast and helped him to prepare each day, serving him slowly. If you ask Pary why he serves people in this way, he says: "To me, they are just like members of my own family!"

At Gloria Residence, the service staff and guests have built a closeness and trust that is like that of a family. This is why Gloria Residence can put guests particularly at ease.