Gloria Residence’s considerate attentiveness towards guests can be seen in small details. Apart from the addition of the warm coziness of home, as far as software services are concerned, it is all the more like the considerate solicitude with which our families take care of us. When someone leaves home alone and comes to Taiwan on business or to travel, the pillow—the object with which he has the most intimate contact at night—plays the role of the critical object which determines whether he will enjoy a good night’s sleep. Gloria Residence considers this matter before the guest has even discovered his requirements. It does so by providing the thoughtful Pillow Options service. This service makes four pillows available for guests to choose, including a latex pillow, a memory pillow, a buckwheat pillow and an anti-snore pillow, so that the guest can select the pillow which best suits him, on the basis of his own needs.

Once, a Mr. Suzuki (not his real name) came from Japan. Before he checked in, Gloria Residence was informed by his travel agent that he was prone to allergies and was particularly sensitive to pillow fabric. Once Housekeeping had been informed, they thoughtfully took the initiative to replace the feather pillow originally provided in his room with a Japanese-made, natural buckwheat pillow which would be less likely to cause allergies. The morning after Mr. Suzuki checked in, full of spirit and smiling broadly, he told reception staff that he had enjoyed a good night’s sleep because the buckwheat pillow that we had provided had enabled him to sleep as peacefully as though he had been at home in Japan. He thanked the staff for their care and concern and said that the next time he came to Taiwan on business he would certainly stay again at Gloria Residence.

Detailed attentiveness is the crux of Gloria Residence’s warm service. We welcome you to come and enjoy it for yourself on your next trip.