Maybe you’ve had this experience when travelling. You arrive in a strange country on business or for travelling and, as bedtime approaches, you want a drink or you crave a small snack or a special local fruit to replenish your energy levels. At such times, there’s only one solution: put your shoes and outdoor clothes back on and rush outside to see whether you can find an open convenience store or other small store. But guests who have checked into Gloria Residence won’t face this predicament, because, leaving aside the functional convenience of the hotel’s surroundings, we also boast an exclusive facility that other hotels don’t offer: The Lounge, open 24 hours a day.

Located in the cozy space of floor B1, as well as offering books, newspapers and magazines, it has a rest area in which to chill out, and provides seven or eight kinds of snacks, fresh coffee, English teabags, and six select beverages, including cola, peach tea…etc., and three types of fruit, including bananas, apples and Kiwi Fruit, which alternate with the seasons. Most importantly, the Lounge is open 24 hours a day and guests may visit to avail themselves of its services at any time and without restriction. The Lounge, as the name implies, enables people to feel as comfortable and at ease as they would in the lounge of their own home.

Gloria Residence has created your second cozy home in Taipei. We welcome you to come and enjoy it for yourself on your next trip.