Swimming Pool

Relax in our heated swimming pool as the sun shines through the large floor-to-ceiling windows and the outdoor greenery creates a bright and fresh feeling. 
Our swimming pool is the perfect place to let go of the day’s stress while also staying in shape.

Pool Dimensions | 18m long, 4.6m wide, 1.2m deep
Opening Hours will be posted on site. Closed every Monday for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Tuesday to Friday | 07:00-10:00 ,14:00-17:00,19:00-22:00
Saturday & Sunday | 08:00-11:00 ,14:00-17:00,19:00-22:00

Swimming Pool Instructions
1. The pool is for hotel guests only, and is not open to visitors.
2. Before entering the pool, please take a shower in the adjacent shower room.
3. Swimsuit, swim trunks & swimming caps are required to enter the pool.
4. People with any skin and/or infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the pool.
5. No running, no playing around the pool & no diving.
6. Children under 12 must be accompanied by parents or guardians to enter the pool.
7. No toys, diving masks, balls, porcelain and metal objects are allowed in the pool.
8. Unauthorized photo or video-taking is forbidden.

​*The relevant regulations during the epidemic prevention period are as follows:
1. In order to cope with the epidemic prevention, the number of users should be divided, and no more than 5 people can use it at the same time. If guests want to use the swimming pool, please confirm with the front desk about the number of people currently using the pool, and they can only enter the venue with permission.
2. Wear a mask before entering the pool and after going ashore. When you are not wearing a mask, you should keep social distance with others and avoid talking with others.

Please refer to on-site notice and instructions from our staff for other regulations. ​

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